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A Very Crafty Christmas: Quilted Decor

The quilt frame I made for my mother-in-law for Christmas.

My mother-in-law is incredibly difficult to buy for. She buys herself what she needs and she doesn’t want for too much when it comes to extras. This Christmas, I found something for her that was personal and fit her hobbies and interest.¬†Using an embellishment from my friends Alecia’s Uppercase Living collection, I created a one-of-a-kind home decore piece for her.

My mother-in-law is quite the quilter, so when I saw the “When life goes to pieces, make quilts” sticker in the Uppercase Living catalog, I knew it was perfect for her. The thing is, the catalog shows these designs on the wall, and once they are on…well, it’s permanent. I don’t like permanence when it comes to buying wall-art for another person. I figured I would get a wood board, paint it and put the saying on the board.

However, I got a better idea.

Why not sew together a background? I mean, this is way more fitting!

I couldn’t figure out exactly how this would work. After thinking about it more, I knew I needed some blue and tan quilt squares, because that would sort of fit in her house, but would I Mod Podge them to a piece of wood? What’s the next step? Then it came to me. A frame! The sticker would stay on the glass and the quilted squares would go behind it, giving it some depth.

And it turned out great!

Given my lackluster sewing ability and my sort-of rushed paced, I wasn’t sure it would look like much. However, I like it. I made it. It captures her life. It was a good Christmas gift.