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A Very Crafty Christmas: Nail Polish Rack

Our entire family is very blessed. We all have jobs, nice homes and cars. We, for the most part, can go out and buy what we need, and in most cases want. So when Christmas rolled around this year, I knew that I wanted to come up with something special for everyone…really put some thought into what I  gave the person. In many cases, this meant I made something. In my series, A Very Crafty Christmas, I will highlight the gifts I made with step-by-step directions to help you make your own if you wanted to.
Nail Polish Rack

While browsing Pinterest one day, I saw that one of my sisters-in-law added a picture of a nail polish rack to her DIY section, which I took to mean that she loved it and wanted to make it. Why not make it for her.


1. Old spice rack, preferably made of real wood if you intend to paint it.
2. Spray paint in the color of the rack.
3. Background
4. Screws for hanging

I picked my spice rack up off eBay for a really great price. The guy selling it had this incredibly ugly Hawaiian background on it. While I considered leaving it (riiiight), I found some black and white wrapping paper in the Dollar Spot at Target that would work perfectly, but you could also use scrapbook paper or your favorite fabric.

I started by (wait, my husband help with this portion) rubbing some sand paper all over the spice rack to make sure that it was smooth and ready to be painted.

My husband hung it up from the ceiling in our garage and lightly sprayed three coats of spray paint on it to make sure that it was completely covered. This was tricky because it’s winter and cold, but we just made sure our garage was a good temperature for painting and that we kept it warm until it was dry.

I used a piece of foam board and wrapped it up with the wrapping paper just like a present. That became the back. Then I wrapped it again and glued the edges with Mod Podge.

We used small nails to secure the foam core to the spice rack to create the background.

This little rack gives my sister-in-law plenty of space for all of her many bottles of nail polish, and she said she has quite a few!

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  1. We are about to build our own nail polish rack. We found some inspiration on Pinterest and we are going to be using some Ikea hacks to build our own custom rack!

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