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A Very Crafty Christmas: Journaling Jar

IMG_0461My best friend is a writer, like me. We went to school together and we both have journalism degrees. The thing about writers, is that we like to write: for work, for fun, for whatever. However, when you do a ton of writing, you often run out of things to write about. You forget to spend time writing about yourself when you are always writing about other people. So for Christmas, I made her a journaling jar: a jar full of questions for her to use as jumpstarters.

I got this idea off Pinterest. The creator had even linked to PDFs with questions, but that felt way too impersonal to me. So I came up with some questions of my own, borrowed some of hers and added my own touches and then hand-wrote them all on to little scraps of paper. I made 52 so that she would journal once a week. Thinking about going from zero to seven days a week was a bit much, and also a lot of writing for me.

I made the template for the squares in Microsoft Word. I just made a table using the Insert>Table function. Each page had two columns and rows that spread down the page. I made the table a different color on each page that I printed, just for variation.

I used a purple pen and hand-wrote the questions–trying to stay legible the entire time. How can she journal it if she can’t read it!?

My questions included things like: Why did you choose the particular college you attended? How did you select your major? Who was your favorite teacher in elementary school? What is your favorite holiday?

I then printed the jar label from the original website and Mod-Podge-d (yup, a word!) on to a small jar. Nothing too big or small. I put it in a box with a bunch of unique packaging items and sent it to her. She was excited to get it and said it was a great way to get her writing about herself again!

Want some inspiration? You can find the original (I can’t take credit for this) over at It has links to the templates and questions.

So if you were making this, who would you make it for and what sort of questions would you ask?

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