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Crafting: End of the year goody bags

My daughter had a really weird first year of preschool.

Her classes started with nine kids and, slowly, throughout the year, it trickled down to four. Of the remaining four, only three come on a semi-regular basis and most of the time, it’s only my daughter and one other boy.

The boy and my daughter have spent a lot of time together. They get along pretty well and I wanted to get something from her to him, as sort of a “thanks for sticking in the class with me this year” gift. And of course, I got one for the other girls in the class as well. I had no idea, initially, what would be a good gift for a four-year-old group, but then I remembered these fun little snack bags made by the lovely Cassie, which I made once before.

I sewed up a a few days, stuffed them with a soaker ball, a set of sunglasses and a note from my daughter and us thanking the kids for an awesome first year of school. It included our phone number and e-mail address so that maybe they can get together over the summer.

It was pretty inexpensive. I had the fabric and iron-on vinyl for the snack bags and I picked up the other items at the dollar section at Target (my favorite store). It was simple, ┬ábut it gave me the opportunity to say “thanks” and hand out our information to the other parents.