Countdown is on

There are so many reasons why I’m ready for this cruise on Saturday. Obviously heading to warm weather and being away from work round out some of the top reasons, but there are others. Some sound bad, but trust me, I’ll miss my kids and my life here like crazy and I won’t be able to wait to return.

1. I can go by my name for an entire week and so can my husband. About a year ago, my oldest daughter figured out my real name, and also for some time, called my husband by his first name. We had to switch to calling each other “mom” and “dad” at home. It seems a little dumb, but I can’t wait to just hear my husband call me by name rather than “hey, mama….(generally followed by something to do with the kids).”

2. Routine, routine, routine. We have a solid, stable, rock-hard routine at home. We follow it basically to a T. And I need a break from it. The routine is mostly for the kids. It’s also to make sure that we get everything done every day. Between managing my job, this blog, my kids, my husband and two dogs, sometimes things just slip through the cracks. Having a routine makes it easier for me to make sure that everyone gets everything done and on time.

3. I don’t have to fill, run or unload the dishwasher! Well, at least I hope not.

4. If I’m up at 6:30 a.m., it’s because I’m off to explore an island, swim with sea lions or do some kayaking. I don’t have to get up at 6:30 a.m. on a vacation day to let the dogs out, turn on the Disney channel or fill cups with Cheerios and milk.

5. My music! My music! I actually removed the kiddie playlist from my iPod this weekend to make room for MY MUSIC!

6. The quiet. Yesterday my husband and I commented that neither of us will know what to do with the quiet! Our kids talk, move, yell, sing and just babble all.the.time. We don’t mind it, but sometimes when we are trying to have a conversation, it can be a little overwhelming. I’m not even sure we’ll know how to fill the quiet.

7. No “can I sleep in your bed?” at 2 a.m. At least, I hope not.

8. TheĀ anticipationĀ is killing me. I have been this excited for only three other things in my entire life–our wedding and the birth of both daughters. I just need/want it to get here all ready.

9. I downloaded three books from Amazon last week to my Kindle and I can’t WAIT to dive into them.

10. Some of my amazing friends are going to fill the space here while I’m gone. While I could write ahead and while I could just take a week off, I figured I’d let my readers get a taste of some other people I know who do a great job writing, tweeting and sharing their thoughts as well. Some blog, some don’t, but next week, you’ll get a look at what they have to say so make sure you check back.

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