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Christmas morning frame by frame

I’ve always been super fascinated by time-lapse photography. Watching the camera grab moments in time as they happen rather than something posed is so compelling. So for Christmas this year, I decided to use time-lapse photography to capture our morning memories.

Rather than me holding the camera and never being in any of the photos, I decided to put the camera on a tripod, set my new time-lapse gadget to shoot every two minutes and let it run while we opened gifts. What resulted was amazing.

There are picture of the entire family interacting with each other. My girls are exploring their stockings, they open up their gifts and play with them, my husband gets down on the floor and breaks into the new toys with them. It brought a new dimension to Christmas morning. I knew I didn’t have to be focused on taking pictures because the camera was doing that for me. I took a few photos on my point and shoot, but nothing like I would feel obligated to take if the time-lapse camera wasn’t set up.

I’m seeing so many uses for this. Birthday parties, projects I’m working on, maybe delivery room. It could be pointing in just the right direction to capture our first few minutes together. A time when my husband is usually busy looking for the perfect shot while competing with doctors and nurses.

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