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Can a child digest 18-month-old Peeps?

The Peeps wreath hung on my door for two Easter seasons and now, it’s nothing but a bunch of toothpicks sticking out of a Styrofoam wreath.

My daughter Madison will often tell me her belly hurts and she has to run. She also likes to run around kitchen islands, open concept houses and circle-shaped rugs. Sometimes, she just runs to run.

Last week, I was getting my older daughter ready for a shower and Madison was running up and down the hallway. Back and forth, back and forth. I asked my older daughter, “Why is she running?”

“Because she ate the Peeps.”

What Pe-? Oh.

Do you remember the Peeps wreath I made two Easters ago? Well, it survived a year of storage and I put it out on our door again this year. I stored it in the basement again, but in my laziness, I hadn’t put it in the box. I just set it on a shelf where it was a bit too accessible.

My daughter, knowing that she likes Peeps basically devoured the wreath with the help of our two little neighbors.

I said, “Madison, did you eat the Peeps?”

“No….but yes.”

I could barely handle it. I had to walk into the kitchen and laugh with my husband secretly.

I was concerned about her stomach. Could she digest 18 month old Peeps? Peeps that had been hanging on my front door and been exposed to the air for that long? Peeps that were basically hard as rocks? More importantly, if she  could digest them, could she pass them?

I’ll have you know that everything worked out, except now I need a new wreath. No more wreaths out of candy I guess!