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Burt’s Bees provides intense hydration to skin

A few weeks ago I was driving to pick up my daughter from school and I noticed that my face skin felt tight and itchy, and then I remember it’s the season for it. My skin, especially on my face, gets itchy, flaky, tight and breaks out. I need something to help out this year. I may have found it in Burt’s Bees.

Through the Bzz Agent campaign, I was provided products from the Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration skin care line. I started using it almost right away. The line is based around Clary Sage, a plant that thrives in any environment because it retains moisture, just like your skin will have using this product.

The all-natural cleansers provided the moisture I needed to calm some of my breakouts and take the edge off the winter sting.

I’ve been using the face cleanser twice a day. It tingles when it works and I love the smell. It smells like herbs not medication like some of the other cleansers I use. It leaves my skin feeling luscious and clean.

I use the night cream before bed. The first two nights of using it, I thought I was going to have to quit using it. I got up in the middle of the night and my skin was so greasy. I know now it was just my face getting used to all the moisture. Once I had used it for a few days, the overly greasy feeling subsided.

The intense hydration mask was just as awesome. I left it on about 8 minutes and rinsed. My skin felt so soft and plumb, not tight and itchy like it sometimes feels when I go outside in the winter.

I suffer from breakouts year-round. However, it’s worse in the winter. It just seems the cold weather zaps my skin of all the moisture.

I’ve always been taught that with breakouts, the goal is to keep skin cleaner. I use harsh cleansers with sylicyclic acid to dry out the breakouts and clean my skin. They rob me of even more moisture.

In the end, my skin is so dried out it pumps out lots of oils, causing the clogs and the breakouts. So even though it seems counter productive to moisturize the breakouts, it really does work.

So consider trying Burt’s Bees to keep your skin moisturized and looking young.

I received sample products of Burt’s Bees through a BzzCampaign in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions. The words written here are completely my own.