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Breastfeeding Week: Clothes for Breastfeeding

My go-to outfit when I was breastfeeding including a loose top over a nursing tank. This gave me the access to pump or nurse without having to expose more than I had to. What I wanted was something that didn’t feel like I was layering up and dressing only to feed my child. Thankfully, I found some pretty cool stuff–and these days, there is even more on the market.

I’ve seen nursing hoodies and some really cool shirts available now, but it wasn’t until my third child that I even owned nursing clothes besides tank tops. I bought three dresses from Milk Nursingwearing. They were cotton, colorful and they made nursing incredibly easy.

I wore one to my daughter’s baptism, another to my grandpa’s funeral visitation and–well, I still wear them. They look so much like regular dresses, just with access to the areas needed for nursing and pumping.

I’m about as cheap as they come, so the idea of buying dresses that I would only wear when breastfeeding seemed like a giant waste–especially for my last child. But the thing was, I couldn’t wear dresses while I was nursing. There was zero access without getting completely undressed and in church or at events where dressing up was important, that really wasn’t an option.

So…I sprang for three dresses. Two were tank top dresses and one has short-sleeves.

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I loved, well I should say love as I still wear them, because they were flowy and comfortable, even when I had to dress up shortly after she was born. However, they were, and are still, normal looking. I wear them now and you can’t tell they are designed for nursing.

Previously, I subscribed to the 16 Minute Club boxes. They are a cool way to encourage moms who are nursing/pumping with monthly gifts and treats. One of the gifts one month was the Itzy Ritzy Infinity Scarf that doubled as a nursing cover. This was a great idea. It could be worn like a scarf and then used to cover up when pumping or nursing. I loved this so much that I’m still using it. And when I do, it reminds me of those precious days with my little ones.


There are so many things out there now when it comes to clothes designed for breastfeeding. My nursing wardrobe went from nursing tanks basically nothing with my first child to nursing tanks with my second and dresses and scarves with my third. I’m glad that I had the chance to try some clothes for breastfeeding before my nursing days were over.

Having clothes for breastfeeding made me feel more confident. They made me feel more put together, especially when I returned to work. They gave me options. As we all know, breastfeeding is hard, and the better a mom feels about herself, the easier in becomes. These clothes provide comfort, style and modesty to moms looking for something different.

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