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On my bookshelf: Press Here

We love Herve Tullet's "Press Here.
We love Herve Tullet's "Press Here.

This is actually a children’s book, but I figured a lot of people here could benefit from it. “Press Here” is probably the best book I have ever purchased for my children and I will definitely be investing in more of Herve Tullet’s books.

“Press Here” is old-school high-tech. On each page, the reader is prompted to do something. You might press a dot, shake the book or blow on the page and on the corresponding page, the book “reacts” to the previous action. For my youngest daughter, this is the best book ever. She loves the books where you push buttons that add sound effects, but I hate them. This is happily interactive for the both of us.

I don’t really like to buy my kids books. They are both at different levels when it comes to books and it’s so hard for me to buy books that appeal to both of them. Since I do the bedtime routine both nights, I like to do a one-stop-shop when it comes to reading to the kiddos.

"Press Here" by Herve Tullet is a favorite of me and my daughters.
"Press Here" by Herve Tullet is a favorite of me and my daughters.

I work at a school and the elementary school librarian recommended this book to us after hearing it about it from her library friends. She was purchasing a few copies for the school and thought it might be right for us. I headed to Barnes and Noble the next day and picked it up. It was perfect for both girls.

My youngest has it memorized. She knows when it tap, she knows when to shake it, she knows when to blow on the pages of the book. She loves the interaction. My older daughter can look at the simple words and start to recognize them as we read.

Our Christmas list is loaded up with Herve Tullet books and I hope that Santa has a direct line to the author so we can get as many as possible!

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