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Book of the Month: The Unbelievable Parts

Why We Broke Up-January Book of the Month

For the most part, this book was very believable. It felt a great look at the life-span of a high school relationship, but there was one part that just felt like things were going to an extreme.

What was Min doing insisting that the woman in the movie theatre was Lottie Carson from “Greta in the Wild?” Was she just looking for an excuse to hang around with Ed after the movie? Later, after they visited the store and picked up the cookbook, she came up with that crazy idea to have a party for this lady who may or may not be Lottie Carson.

And people went along with it. 

I guess I could see her friends going along with it, they did have that super depressing sixteenth birthday party for Al. But the idea that Ed would encourage her with her idea either means he had no intention of being around to finish it or he really loved her.

It seemed well thought out. They planned to have it at the location in the park, they were practicing making the egg concoction. It seems liked it might actually come together, but the one thing they always forgot: the guests. They never mentioned the guests.

So, was Min serious about it?

She hinted at the birthday party when they were in the store across the street from the restaurant “Lottie” visited after the movie. She knew when her birthday was and Min wanted to have a party for her. Was the party a way to hold on to that special time she had with Ed? A security of some type? An assurance that they would make it to December?

And was that really Lottie Carson!?