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I read a lot of blogs, and after Gleek Retreat I’m sure I’ll be reading a lot more. I frequent dooce.com, Matt Logelin‘s blog, Teachmama.com and The Spohrs are Multiplying, written by Heather Spohr.

I knew Heather Spohr was coming to present at the conference, but I had no idea how big or small it would be and if she would hang out for the rest of it. I was interested in what she had to say about her topic, collaborative blogs.

The conference was quaint and small. It was easy to get to meet everyone in the room. We all sat at tables and watched presenters in the front. I was in the second row and out of no where, in walks Heather Spohr and sat in front of me.

Blogger Star Struck

Oh. Em. Gee.

I saw the music note tattoo that she got in honor of her daughter, Madeline, who died a few years ago at the age of 17-months. I saw her editing pictures of her with her twin brother, who she mentions in several posts, on her laptop, which must be new because she lost her old one on a plane a while ago.

I was blogger-struck.

However, she was just like the other moms in the room with me. A mom with a blog. A mom who probably makes good money from her blog, but a mom none-the-less.

It wasn’t like I fainted or starred at her the entire time (okay maybe a little, but it was cool to see her in the flesh). But in my mind, she’s a star. She might not be in movies, on TV or a professional athlete, but she’s an author, a mommy author, and she blogger-struck me.

So, who are some of your unusual famous people? Have you ever seen them in real life? How did you respond?

One thought on “Blogger-struck

  1. I happened to click through and there I was in a picture on your screen!

    It was a great conference. I wish I could have stayed for today’s portion too 🙁

    I have been to many conferences and met some of “those” bloggers…it is fun, exhilarating and somewhat intimidating to meet them in real life! yikes!

    xoxo, lisa

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