Eliminating the Unnecessary Self Improvement Weight Loss

Birthday presents

FitBit Ultra
FitBit Ultra was on my birthday wish list.

Thirty-one, that’s how old I am now. I have to admit, 31 hit me a lot harder than 30. I mean, I’m not longer teetering on the edge of 30, I’m in my 30s. However, my husband made easing into my 30s a lot easier with some great cake and some awesome presents, including one that I hope will help me get back into a 20-something’s body.

I’d been asking for a FitBit after going in on one for my mom’s birthday just a few weeks ago. The teeny-tiny little device helps you monitor steps you take, calories burned throughout the day, sleep patterns and, through the website, allows you to connect with other users and share your information to motivate each other.

My husband went in on it with my parents and I am incredibly grateful. I need to know how I’m doing. I need to see how many calories I’m burning, because I am living in the body of a 31 year-old mom and I’m not loving it.

I have been doing horribly when it comes to Eliminating the Unnecessary weight. In fact, I still eat all the junk and only work out about every-other day, and that’s if conditions are favorable and mostly perfect. I’ve been eating better meals, that’s for sure, but then topping them off with half a sleeve of Girl Scout cookies or a giant piece of pudding cake doesn’t help.

So, this FitBit and the connection I’ve made online with some of my friends will hopefully hold me accountable. Join me. Get up, get moving, get a FitBit and connect with me over at MyFitnessPal. My username is RebeccaTheMama. Don’t have a FitBit and can’t get one right now, fine, you can still connect with me on MyFitnessPal.com.

Let’s get healthy together!

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