Arts and Crafts: Let’s talk Valentine’s cards

Did you know I like mail? I know, shocker.

Valentine’s Day is just another excuse to send cute cards to the ones we love. I’m still working on a plan for this year, but I thought I’d share what made for the last two years.


This was my all-time favorite Valentine. I made them for the family units that make up our greater family.

I had an idea to make Sweetheart boxes out of envelopes and then stuff them with “hearts” and mail it just like that, but I was worried about the clear area busting out and opted to stick them inside of another envelope to mail them.

I designed this in Photoshop based on the Sweethearts candy box. I printed it on an A6 envelope, which is about 4.5″x6.5″ in size.  I cut out the inside of the heart and used plastic wrap , which I taped to the inside of the envelope, for the see-through portion.

Then, I cut a lot of hearts.

This was in the days before my digital cutter. So, I created a template, drew them out and cut, cut, cut.

On each heart, we wrote something we loved about the recipient. I don’t recall what they all said, but some were “we love your hugs” or “we love camping with you.” They were going to families so we tried to write something about each family member and also the family as a whole. Then, I put those hearts in the Sweethearts box, sealed it shut and put it in another envelope.

These were so easy and we really got a lot of compliments on the idea behind them.

Eye Love You

Last year we had a lot going on, so the cards were a lot simpler.

I cut a 4″ x 8″ rounded-edge card. I added a 1″ hole punch on one end.

I glued a googly eye in the hole. I used a foam heart for the middle, to represent “love.” Then I used an UltraThin Sharpie to draw in a “U.”

Inside the card, I used a template to hand-draw a monster that fit with the eye. I had two different monsters that I drew to change up the cards from person to person.

I draw the monster in and then signed our names to the card, leaving it a really simple design.

I’m still working on what I’m going to do this year, if anything. It’s another busy year and I’m not sure how much time I’ll have, but I’m certainly going to try to do SOMETHING!

What are you favorite Valentine card ideas?