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Things I found around: Strawberries

We spent the entire week looking at what I did with my strawberries, but what about others. I spent some time exploring what other adorable strawberry stuff is out there.

I wish I had the patience to paint these amazing designs on my nails or the tiny little nails of my daughters. I also wish I had the will power not to chew my nails so that I could save an awesome manicure.

Is this dress super fun? This could be great for summer shopping, an evening cookout of even church. The strawberries are really cute and playful, something we don’t see in sundresses too often anymore.

I know, I know, just what you need, right? Another recipe. Well, Andrea over at Simple Organized Living has some great recipes, including this strawberry lemonade. It’s easy to make and it makes a great summer patio drink.

So Jackie made this cake and it came out crumbly. It sounds amazing, but she needs some help figuring out what she did wrong. Can you help?