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Quick and Easy Air Fryer Pesto Chicken

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I hate cooking chicken.

Something about emetophobia and salmonella…it’s also the reason I steer clear of mayo that comes in a pouch.

While I could eat beef every day and avoid the dishes made of chicken, my family history of high cholesterol and my desire to control my waistline lead me straight back to chicken.

That’s not to say I never do it, I just hate it.

Enter the air fryer. I feel like I can get a better cooked piece of meat from the air fryer than I can from the oven. I’ve made chicken Parmesan and roasted chicken in the air fryer so far, but one of my favorites was pesto chicken.


There wasn’t a lot of work to this dish either. It just became a matter of gathering the ingredients and getting them all together. The air fryer did all the hard work.

This is the perfect recipe for an evening after work. It’s quick, it’s easy and it doesn’t take a lot of ingredients to complicate it. I served my pesto chicken with roasted zucchini and mashed sweet potatoes. Either of those could have also been cooked in the air fryer, though I did both of mine in the oven.


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