ACDF Surgery Recovery Day 3

On the third day of recovery my true love gave to me—Well, a few things actually. The best one: a shower.

Sleep and shower helped today.


After an entire day of sitting in our recliner, laying on the living room floor and then dozing on the couch, I decided to sleep in our youngest daughter’s lower bunkbed.

I was afraid to sleep in bed with anyone in case they pushed me or whatever, not on purposed. So, I moved my wedge pillow up to her lower bunk and actually got a bit of sleep. I slept in two, four-hour stints. I got up hoping to get right in the shower, but my husband had a few things to do.

I can’t go up and down the steps without a spotter so I had to wait for my family to go downstairs before I could.

Started Working

I did start doing some work today. It was in spurts. I could work about 1-2 hours at a time before I would get tired or sore. I got in about four hours today. I had hoped for more, but I underestimated how tired the drugs would make me.

My Mom

My parents have been in Florida. They came home yesterday and I just wanted my mom. She’s been through this surgery and can give me tips and just understand what I’m feeling. Well, she came over today! She helped to change my bandage and gave us some pointers on how to take a shower.


I just felt like I needed a shower. I wasn’t really supposed to shower until my incision was dry and healing, so about a week. But I felt gross, my head itched and I just wanted to feel clean. I had been in the same clothes, plus the compression socks, since Thursday.

I got un-dressed and used the soft collar. Interestingly enough, there were still lead pads stuck to my body, so I pulled those off. I got in the shower and just washed up a bit, while trying to keep the water to my back to keep my incision dry.

Once I was done, I put the compression socks back on, but got on new clothes, which just felt fresh. Plus, my hair was clean and the blood from the probes was washed out.

After the shower, I was a bit more sore in the back than I have been. I took a Robaxin and then a nap.

Finger Numbness

I still have no feeling in the tip of my left thumb. I had been having tinglies in my left hand, but those seem to be a little bit better. The surgeon’s nurse said the gabapentin should help with that over time. While I’m still worried about whether this will be permanent, I’m less nervous.

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