ACDF Surgery Recovery Day 2

Do you know that Dave Matthews’ song, Stay?

Wasting time
Let the hours roll by
Doing nothing for the fun
Little taste of the good life
Whether right or wrong

Stay, by Dave Matthews Band

That’s basically how my day felt. I don’t know what time I “woke up” for the day. I watched church at 9 a.m. so I was up by then. Then there was some dozing. Then there was some TV watching. Then more dozing. Finally, I took a nap on the floor, which is probably the best sleep I’ve had since surgery.

I got up and felt sorry for myself for a while because I just didn’t feel like doing anything. I have more tinglies in my left arm and hand today, which is concerning. It feels like an impingement or inflammation.

I did manage to do some coloring today, while watching Christmas movies, and then my husband and I started “Flight Attendent,” which is actually pretty good.

I still can’t swallow well, so eating is a challenge. Hopefully tomorrow is better.