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2014 is the year I embrace the selfie

Selfie is now an official word, a thing, the relationship has been defined and it’s hanging around. I might as well use it to my advantage.

In case you live at the bottom of the ocean without Internet, a smartphone or any contact with another human, the concept of a selfie is a photo taken by oneself of oneself. Get it? Selfie. I used to correlate this with the middle school girls who posed in front of a random mirror and made the “duck face” while taking pictures of themselves.

Here is a picture to illustrate. But instead of Zoolander, think tiny girl in ridiculous poses with and without friends.



Every time a Facebook friend would post a picture of themselves making a face similar to this, I would cringe. Every time they would upload an image of themselves sitting in the car, looking at themselves in the mirror or laying in bed, I was impressed with their self-esteem and their willingness to display it.

Now, I’m not against all selfies. I’ve got a few in my phone. I like when they are with other people, mark a particular occasion or are from somewhere cool, like space. Here are some of my favorite selfies.

Prince William poses with a fan for a selfie. (Photo from
This astronaut takes a selfie while working on the International Space Station. No big deal. (Photo from
Sopie Starzenski uses her growing baby belly as art. (Photo from

Then, this Christmas, I saw a Christmas card from a family with the theme, “Have your ‘selfie’ a Merry Christmas” and it featured images of the entire family, in selfies, from the year.

After realizing I was in almost none of our pictures from Christmas, I decided that I needed to embrace the selfie for the good of my self-esteem and my children’s memory books. I’m with them all the time. We’re always doing something. Why not just take two seconds and document it in a fun way? Why not mark the happy moments in my life when no one is there to capture it any other way?

So, I’m embarking on a year of selfie-ness. I’m trying to take one selfie every day. I started last week. I take them with whatever camera is available and upload them to a set on Flickr.

And it wouldn’t be as much fun if you couldn’t see it, amiright? Check out my special Selfieish Page or click the Instagram looking picture on the right. If you want to join me, use #selfieyear on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Who knows, you’re adorable selfies might turn up right here!

5 thoughts on “2014 is the year I embrace the selfie

  1. What a fun idea! I too cringe at the duck lips selfies…and just some of them in general. I mean, how many pics can we have of ourselves? But you’re right…Unless dad grabs the camera, I find I am rarely in pics with my kids. I agree — let’s change that this year. Go get ’em, mama!

  2. Hello from your fellow SITS Girls Triber. The first thing I have to say is good for you! I read about another fellow blogger who encourage selfies to flood the internet with images of real women. I have accepted the challenge. Although she was doing one a day I’m going for once a week.

  3. This is such a fun idea, and I love your Selfieish Page:) Your kids are going to love seeing these pics when they are older! P.S. I’m part of your SITS Girls Tribe.

  4. I never take “selfie” pics either, but you have a good idea. It is a good way to record memories and just document everyday life. I may try it this year too.

    SITS girls tribe.

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