Vacation in Punta Cana: Staying at the Luxury Bahai Principe

The Bahia Principe grounds were gorgeous and well groomed. We walked most of the time we were there rather than using our golf cart taxi service.

Every five years, my husband and I take a big trip together without the kids. There have been little trips here and there fora night or two, but these trips are week-long, no-cell-service and many-many-adult-beverages-consumed sort of trips. If you’ve been with me a while, you’ll remember we did a Norwegian Cruise in 2011. This year, we headed to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.

This post is all about our resort, the Luxury Bahia Principe in Punta Cana.

I’m going to break this trip down into several parts and I’ll add in the links to the categories once they are all posted.

Flight to Punta Cana
Our Room
Flight home from Punta Cana
Things to do
Things I learned
Our day-to-day

So read what you want, skip what you don’t, but know that all of these opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any way.

We arrived at our resort via private shuttle, which was nice.

The beach area was exactly what I wanted in a tropical location. There were large, thatched shade umbrellas, lots of lounge chairs and plenty of sun and blue, blue water.

The Luxury Bahai Principe in Punta Cana was huge. There were 7 different hotels on the grounds. We were in the Amber, which is an adults only portion with its own pools, beach area, restaurants and entertainment.

We were immediately taken to the Privilege Lounge. I assumed this was to get a time-share lecture as we had booked this trip through my husband’s family’s time share access. The last time we went on a trip through this company was in 2006, for our honeymoon in Cancun. We spent almost an entire morning listening to the pitch for something we would never buy into or afford.

This was our first attempt at using the service again and I was anticipating more of the same.

But that wasn’t the case. We were given our Privilege Club bands, drinks and told to go have lunch at the closest buffet while they got our room ready.

The buffet was huge and had a bunch of food. fruit, salad (but no ranch), pizza, sandwiches, soup, burgers, chicken fingers, desserts and the like. We had a good meal and returned to the Privilege Club. They had our dinner reservations for the week, resort information and our private golf cart ride to our room.

These little black bands that we wore all week proved to make our stay among the best it could be. We were allowed in any area of the resorts, a special area of the beach and any restaurant.

Each area had it’s own lobby areas, buffets and specialty restaurants and pools in addition to the beach.

What Was Available

I should really list what wasn’t available. Restaurants, buffets, shops, a market area, spas, auditoriums for shows, bars…basically we never had to leave the resort. And honestly, we didn’t. We never even went on an excursion. We had picked one that we thought we might like, but as we heard other people talk about their experience, the reviews were mixed. We were enjoying ourselves at the hotel and decided just to stay there.

Getting Around

There were no full-sized roads in the resort, just small paths for walking and golf carts.

As I mentioned above, we had a private golf cart ride to our room. That turned out to be a perk of the black Privilege Club band. We could get a golf cart just by calling to the front desk and giving them our room number…and it was always private.

Those without the black bands rode on small golf-cart trains that ran up and down the main roads of the resort and stopped at train stops and lobbies. Or, they could pick up a bus-type cart at the hotel lobbies that would take them, and several other people, to various areas around the resort.

This made it easier to get to the beach, another hotel or restaurants that were across the complex.

Strangely, we rarely used the service. We frequently walked from our room to the Ambar Lobby and asked the concierge to call the golf cart with us. We found it faster. And we honestly didn’t care if it was private.

More than anything, we walked. It was quite a hike from our room to the beach, but we made that walk a couple times a day. We’d hit the buffet along the way, or even the other adults-only pool. it was a beautiful walk, the weather was perfect and we didn’t mind the stroll.

I did find the grounds slightly…complicated. I could get from our room to the lobby, nearest buffet, pool and beach. Ask me to get to the Privilege Club Lounge or half the restaurants we went to and I’d have no idea. Thank goodness my husband did the navigating.

So while it was amazing to have so many resources on the grounds, it did pose transportation challenges.

The Environment

We spent most of our time at the pool, either near our room or the other adults-only pool in the Don Pablo Collection.
We spent most of our time at the pool, either near our room or the other adults-only pool in the Don Pablo Collection.

I really enjoyed the Ambar at the Bahai Principe. The adults-only aspect was initially off-putting to me. I thought it would be stuffy and I’d miss the kids being around, but honestly…it was nice. The shows were geared to adults. The pools were quiet and calm. Plus, we had our choice to go over to the other resorts, shows and restaurants where there were children, but we just didn’t.

The lobby areas were busy all the time. I can only assume it was for the internet. While we had WIFI access in our room and around most of the resort, not everyone did. It was a Privilege Club perk. The main lobby areas provided free WIFI to everyone. And they were busy. We also had to be aware of the off-site trips and excursions. The sales people were really all over trying to real you in, especially in the lobby areas.

The resort was pretty full when we were there. We saw several weddings, family reunions, honeymooners and families. We never felt like things were crowded. The beach was busy, but there was always a chair and the waits at the bars weren’t long. We barely ever waited at a restaurant or buffet.

We definitely liked the resort itself. The next few posts will get into the nitty gritty of the hotel details.

So, would we go back here? Absolutely.


Here comes Christmas: A gift guide for the ladies

It’s that time of year again. I’ll be glued to my computer in just a few days trying to get the best deal on all of my loved ones favorite things. So what do I buy for all of these people? I have no idea. Each year, I somehow come up with something acceptable. This year, I decided to make a list of things that appeal to me, my husband and my kids and share them as a jumping off point for your Christmas shopping. Maybe something my little one likes or wants will fit the bill for a kid in your life. Maybe something I’m dreaming of will spark your creativity for a friend or relative. I aim to help.

Today, I’m starting with myself. That’s right. How selfish of me! I’m not starting with my kids or my husband. I’m starting with me. I’m not sure why. It just seems easiest. So here are a few of the things on my All I Really Want Pinterest list.

My list is made up of lots of things, but I’ve broken it down into several categories with a brief explanation about them. Hopefully my Christmas list will be helpful for those in search of holiday gifts for women.


Clothes make the list in my holiday gifts for women. I like something versatile…something for home and work.

Who can’t use new clothes? I don’t need a lot of work stuff as I work part-time and then out of my house, but I need versatile items. Things I’d wear around the house, out and can dress up or down. I also like sweaters. My clothes on my Pinterest boards are not exactly what I want, they are mostly just styles that I like. Well, except for the Dansko shoes. I’ve been eyeing this up for years and almost bought a pair this summer in Connecticut. Think about the person you are shopping for. Could they use a cute sweater that can be paired with khakis, jeans or the occasional yoga-pant? Consider more than a one-hit wonder and help them bulk up their wardrobe.

Sentimental items

9c01ce9014554234bb341b908ed7cda0I can’t forget the way the ocean looked when my husband and I walked down to the beach on our second day in Punta Cana. It was so blue, so teal, so…color I can’t explain. What I do know is that a nail polish in an ocean-y color would really take me back to the trip that was so relaxing and amazing that I still dream about it. So maybe the person on your list just had a baby boy and could use a new hue of nail color to remind her of her little guy throughout the day. Maybe a friend is fighting breast cancer or lost a family member. Find a color that illustrates that and put together a little mani/pedi kit.

Another idea I love is sentimental jewelry. Here are some the pieces I have pinned on my board.

I’m a sucker for sentimental gifts, like symbolic jewelry. Rings, necklaces or bracelets…it doesn’t matter. It’s all a great gift for women.

Can you imagine getting a bracelet in your child’s writing? A pendant that reminds you of something in your life? Stackable rings with all of your initials? The picture in the upper left is a serotonin molecule. If you know my struggles, you know how this could be meaningful to me. Consider your friend or relative and what they might be touched by.

Workout Gear


I’m looking to add a little weight into my workouts and would like kettlebells. I’ve been researching this for a while and I think I’d enjoy it…as much as anyone enjoys working out. Is your friend starting a new fitness regime? Maybe your loved one would like a new yoga mat or water bottle or maybe something to make their workout a little more fun!

Thing People Can Make Me

The craft people in my life shouldn’t feel like they can’t make me something! A great gift for women in your life could be something that you can create yourself. What better than a unique, personalized gift?

My friends are talented people. Some can knit or crochet. Some can build things. Others are just crafty in general. I have a few items pinned that could be very cool DIY gifts if someone wanted to tackle that type of project for me. Are you a DIY-er who could put a little time into making body scrub or hair bands for a friend? It doesn’t have to be anything too extreme, but if you can make something, that’s huge. For me, that’s super special. Maybe there is something you can make for a friend.

Subscription Boxes



The gifts that keep on giving–subscription boxes. Buy a gift and a friend might get these boxes delivered to their home for several months. This is my kind of gift. I mean, we all know how much I love mail. And there are so many varieties. Check our A Year of Boxes for a taste of what’s out there. I’m totally into the Craftly boxes and the Holly Journals boxes. They totally fit my personality. Maybe you can find a box that includes beauty supplies, socks, tea or ties. The possibilities are endless.

The Completely Impractical


You’ll probably never be able to make a friend’s dreams come true, but these are the items that they want, but can’t want because it’s so impractical. For me, it’s a button-maker. I’ve wanted one for a while, but I want a nice one. I want to make and hand out little buttons and little magnets to all my friends and people I run into on the street. Someday my dream will come true.

I also have jewelry and pretty items for my husband to buy me on the off-chance that he one day looks at Pinterest. I would never expect my friends or family to buy me something that extravagant, but they are on my list nonetheless.

Thing I’ll Never Buy Myself

Looking for a gifts for women in your life? What about something they’d never buy themselves? A coloring book or cute calendar top the list of things I never buy for me, but totally love.

I’m 35 and I want a Ryan Gosling coloring book and a bird feeder that suction cups to my window. I want completely impractical shoes and a laptop organizer. Funky cameras, cute calendars and other items also top my list. Think about things that could spruce up your loved ones desk or add some pizzazz to their life…whether it’s something you think they NEED or not. What’s something fun just for them? (Cute buttons right? I know, that’s totally why I need a button maker.)

It’s not always easy to shop for the ladies in your life. Whether your wife, sister, friend or mom, sometimes it feels like the women have everything they need. I hope a sampling of my list makes it easier for you to find a gift for the women in your life.


Recipe: Homemade Apple Bread

We still have so many apples from our recent apple orchard trip. I decided to make some apple bread. It was a tasty, easy and made such a nice little treat for after dinner and in my kids’ lunches that week. It was so yummy that it didn’t require any apple butter or anything else on top. It was cake-like and delicious all on it’s own.

In addition to apple sauce and apple pie, I could literally feel my mouth watering at the thought of apple bread. Truth be told, I love cake, and this was basically cake with apples in it. The apples are tasty little morsels that surprise your taste buds…and I love that.

Here is what you need:

2 apples, peeled and chopped into small pieces
1/2 cup brown sugar
4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
2/3 cup and 2 teaspoons sugar
1/2 cup butter
2 eggs
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 cup milk

1. Grease a loaf pan. I don’t have a true loaf pan *ahem Christmas gift idea* so I use a meatloaf pan without the grease tray. It’s slightly smaller, but it does the job.

2. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

3. Mix 2 teaspoons sugar and 2 teaspoons of cinnamon together and set aside.

4. In stand mixer, combine white sugar, flour, baking powder and butter.

5. Add eggs, milk and vanilla.

6. Mix in brown sugar and cinnamon.

7. Pour half of the mixture into loaf (or in my case meatloaf) pan.

8. Cover mixture with apples. Pat down and pour the second half of the mixture into the pan.

9. Sprinkle sugar and cinnamon mixture over the top.


10. Bake 45-50 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean.

11. Cool in pan for 10 minutes and remove to cooling racks (which I also don’t own so I use a plate).

Apple bread is a tasty dessert-type treat that is totally/partially healthy....sort of.
Apple bread is a tasty dessert-type treat that is totally/partially healthy….sort of.

This could totally use a little vanilla frosting if you wanted to give it even more sugar, but again, it’s perfect on its own.

As I referenced in my apple orchard post, it was getting a little Forrest-Gump-shrimp-scene, but with apples, up in here. However, this is my last apple recipe post in this series! I’m not usually the baking/cooking/recipe-developing type, but I stepped outside my box to come up with these. Now that I’m thoroughly naked and alone out here, I’m going to give it up for now. You know, until I’m overrun by another fruit or veggie.

My youngest daughter has a field trip next week to…wait for it…the apple orchard, so we may end up with a few more apples. However, I’m perfectly content to lather those in caramel and eat them as a dessert after my kids are in bed. Speaking of which, Marzetti Old Fashioned Caramel Dip is amazing and I totally recommend it if you smuggle treats behind your kids’ backs too.

If you have any suggestions for apple treats or your favorite caramel dip, please pass them my way. While it’s still the season, I want to revel in it. Can you blame me?


Why I fear the chiropractor and other irrational things

scream-cartoon-paintingI have really irrational fears about stupid things.

You know, things like my air plane falling out of the sky, the garbage disposal turning on while I have my hand too close, tooting at the chiropractor.

Seriously though.

I’ve had this horrible neck pain for three weeks. It started in my shoulder and I assumed it was an old rotator cuff injury raring it’s ugly head. Maybe it was, but the way I was compensating for it eventually led to neck pain, which led to back pain. After a week, I got a massage. I tried a TENS device. I stretched. I used weights. I did exercises from when I was in physical therapy for my shoulder. I took Motrin. I tried ice. I tried heat. Nothing was helping.

Earlier this week, I gave up and gave in. I knew I needed help. Sleeping was becoming impossible without a ton of pain and my constant aggravation was becoming more than just a little annoying. If I went to my primary care physician, he would just refer me to someone else. It would take days, if not weeks, to be seen. I would end up with some anti-inflammatory medication and a script for physical therapy. Let’s be real–ain’t nobody got time for that.

I needed some sweet relief so I called up the chiropractor I haven’t seen in three years and decided that it really couldn’t hurt.

Or, yes, maybe it could. My back and neck were so tight that it required all the weight the chiropractor could muster and still, my spine wouldn’t budge. She put me on a machine, tried to stretch it out and was able to get some movement from my neck, providing me with some relief and the ability to move my head to the right again. It was a huge improvement.

So why do I fear the chiropractor?

As I laid on the table with this woman attempting to relocate my vertebrae without breaking my neck, all I could think was, “I wonder how many people have ever totally farted when she came down on them.”

It’s happened, right? I’m sure it has. They find the sweet spot and everything just suddenly…relaxes.

Of course, I couldn’t get the thought out of my head. What if it was me? What if it smelled? What if she had to leave the room?

In no way did I feel gassy or, um, tooty, when I went in, but suddenly this irrational fear was building up deep in the bowels of my being.

{Yes, I said bowels. Probably a poor word choice, but it was totally true!}

So she gave me some stretches and sent me on my way with instructions to come back this week.

Today was my appointment. As the minutes on the clicked closer and closer to my appointment time, I suddenly felt the completely irrational anxiety bubbling up again.

{Yup, that was a purposeful word choice.}

Again, I wasn’t gassy before I went, but it was all I could think about. In fact, in the waiting room, I looked at those sitting around me and wondered if they had ever experienced chiropractor-induced flatulence. Were they worried about the same thing? Is this silly or is it something people actually worry about, like pooping on the table during child birth? {Because that is an actual concern of some women.} What about those of you who get massages on the regular? Do you think about this? Have you done it? Is that way they fill the room with all of those relaxing scents? I can’t be the only one to consider this!  Or, maybe I’m just the only one who vocalizes it.

I also fear doing things like randomly vomiting on the dentist. That HAS to happen. I also worry that I’ll accidentally scream out loud during church, mistake the gas for the brake and drive through the “drive thru” window or inadvertently type and post something inappropriate on the church website I manage.

Weird, irrational fears. These are not the cause of my paralyzing anxiety. These are generally less stressful, but they trickle up and make me pause. I can’t be the only one who has such random thoughts.  So, Internet…it’s your turn. What are some of your irrational fears? And if you have the same fear about the chiropractor, own it!


Creative ways to give money as a gift


Is there a creative way to give money as a gift? I suppose cards are a classier alternative to the sly hand-shake money pass-off. If you want to get really fancy, there are money holder cards, that are specially sized to fit money. I’m always on the hunt to overhaul the way I gift money. Here are two of my favorite ways so far.

Don't Blow it All in One Place: I gave money as a gift using a tissue box.
Don’t Blow it All in One Place: I gave money as a gift using a tissue box.

In August 2012, I gave my sister-in-law a box of cash for her birthday. And it’s not what you are thinking. I got 25 singles and taped them end-to-end using generic transparent tape. I carefully folded them up and placed them into an empty tissue box, which I had covered in happy birthday scrapbook paper, and used a little tissue paper to give it the look of actual tissue. I then use foam letters to spell out “Don’t blow it all in one place.”

Get it? Blow it? Tissue box?

Also, don’t mind the photo. It was 2012. I probably had like a Samsung S3 or something. It’s not the S5 I have now.

It was cute for a birthday but it wasn’t something I’d use for a nice event, or for people I don’t know as well.

I had a graduation party to attend for a family member. I looked at Pinterest for some ideas but couldn’t come up with anything I really liked so I developed my own.

I wanted to create a photo album, but I knew that a high-school-graduating boy would want cash so I decided to combine the two. First, I found 20 pictures of him from his childhood and growing up. Then I cropped them to the size of a dollar bill (which, by the way is 6.14 inches x 2.61 inches). To do this, pick photos that are horizontal in nature and those that can be cropped tight, even if it means chopping off parts of heads. I went to the bank and picked up a bunch of $10 bills.

Note: I wanted to do this with $5 bills because I thought it would look thicker, but $5 are an often-used bill so they are often more crinkly and wrinkly. The bank advised me to go with $10 bills and they were a good pick. Also, I printed the photos on card stock, which helps make it look thicker and also gave it enough backing to keep it from getting floppy.

I used some rubber cement on the edge of the book to hold all of the pages in place. A little Modge Podge over the rubber cement kept it from being sticky. Yet the "pages" of money can be easily removed.
I used some rubber cement on the edge of the book to hold all of the pages in place. A little Modge Podge over the rubber cement kept it from being sticky. Yet the “pages” of money can be easily removed.

Once everything was squared up, I used rubber cement and glue along the edge of the booklet, almost like a page-a-day calendar or something. I used some black clips to hold the book in place while it dried. Once the rubber cement was dry, I added a layer of matte-finish Modge Podge to keep the rubber cement from feeling sticky. Now, it’s money/photo book and the money (or the pictures) can easily be torn off and removed from the book for use.

At first, my husband couldn’t really understand what I was trying to do, but when I was done, even he seemed thoroughly impressed with the outcome. The uses for this are endless. Weddings, birthdays, Christmas, graduation parties…anything really. Just make sure you have a few photos of the receiver to include. You could also use the pages to tell a story or share messages of thanksgiving, hope or well-wishes. I can’t wait to use this again. My daughters have lots of birthday parties coming up so maybe this will be a neat way to give one of their friends some money to spend.

The money book is made of "pages" that alternate between $10 bills and pictures.
The money book is made of “pages” that alternate between $10 bills and pictures.

Obviously it wouldn’t work out if you were going to mail it, but it’s a nice in-person gift. Maybe one of the items in the book could be a check rather than having lots of bills, then you could mail it. Get creative and think outside the box!

This was an easy activity and didn’t take too long to put together. The most time consuming part was finding the choosing the pictures–but that’s always my problem because I take way too many pictures! Plus, I spent way too long looking at the old pictures and reminiscing of the good times–which was really a gift to myself. Cash for him, memories for me! Win-win!


Relationship tips: Communication can be silent, just notice it

Communication in relationships isn't always spoken. This is my husband on our honeymoon, non-verbally telling me to put the lens cap back on the camera.
Communication in relationships isn’t always spoken. This is my husband on our honeymoon, non-verbally telling me to put the lens cap back on the camera.

There was a moment right after our third daughter was born that I will never forget. Knowing everything I know now, it was a comedy. In the moment, it was one of the sweetest things I had experienced.

While I don’t often dole out relationship tips, this is one I actually do want to share. Communication can be silent, you just have to recognize it.

As I’ve written before, my third daughter was born in somewhat of a whirlwind. In less than 2 hours, I went from broken water to having a baby, delivered by a doctor I had never met, with a non-working epidural. She came a bit early so shortly before she was born, we got a few special instructions about how she wouldn’t be able to stay with us for more than a few minutes and how she might need intervention to help her breath eat or to treat infections.

There was a lot of people in the room. It wasn’t the 3-4 that were there for the birth of my other children. Instead, there were more than 10 people present as she arrived into this world. She was cleaned up on my belly, but then she was taken to the warmer on the other side of the room. My husband went with her to take pictures and relay her information to me.

As I sat in the hospital bed confined by the tubes and IVs, I looked over at my husband. He’s been emotional during each birth and this was no different.

We've share a lot of non-verbal conversations. This one was at our wedding. While it may look like he is say, "you look nice" he is really saying, "are you as hungry as I am?" See? Only we can understand our own language.
We’ve share a lot of non-verbal conversations. This one was at our wedding. While it may look like he is say, “you look nice” he is really saying, “are you as hungry as I am?” See? Only we can understand our own language.

The room was busy. The doctors and nurses were doing their jobs. A new baby, confused about what the heck was going on, was screaming her head off. And there, in the midst of them, I caught my husbands eye. It was just him and I. The world had stopped. I looked at him as a tear flowed down his cheek. Saying nothing, I pouted my lips at him. Then he smiled.

It was code. A secret language. Spoken in a tongue only the two of us could understand. He wasn’t saying he was sad or scared. He was just overcome by all of the emotion of that day and the birth of his new, sweet daughter.

Yeah, all of that came from that silent exchange. You didn’t get that?

This wasn’t the first time we have communicated in nothing but facial expressions. It wasn’t the first time that one side-ways glance provided me with a wealth of information that no one else would understand.

I see it when I watch our wedding video, too. I remember the silent conversations of that day. I remember it when his grandpa died and then when my grandpa died. When our babies were baptized. When our siblings got married. When vacation was ending and we had to go back to reality. When we started new jobs. When we were sick and going in for surgery.

We still do it. It doesn’t take a life changing event. We tell long tales through looks across the dinner table. We share secrets through glances and smiles while the kids play. We can relay an entire story through facial expressions.

I’m sure you do it too. Maybe it isn’t your husband. Maybe it’s your mom, your best friend or your child. The ability to know someone so well that a look into their eyes is a glance into their soul. You feel it. You know it.

So, who is that person for you? What secrets do you share? What stories do you tell?


Lime Chicken Fajita recipe brings flavor to lunch

This recipe for lime chicken fajitas was easy to make and full of flavor to help me incorporate more protein into my lunch.
This recipe for lime chicken fajitas was easy to make and full of flavor to help me incorporate more protein into my lunch.

I’ve been looking for ways to incorporate more protein into my diet throughout the day, not just at dinner. I’m really great at having meat with dinner but the other meals, especially lunch, are my downfall. I need the protein to give me the energy to get through the day. When I came across this lime chicken fajitas recipe, I decided to whip up some for lunch one day and then save the leftovers for the rest of the week. I’m surprised there were actually any leftovers–it was so yummy!

My husband hates most Mexican food. Well, he likes Taco Bell. That’s probably about as Mexican as the taco or fajitas that we make at home. I, on the other hand, LOVE Mexican food. One of my favorites is fajitas. I don’t have them often. My husband’s dislike for them means it’s not something I make for dinner.

This recipe looked great and allowed me to get in the chicken and the veggies. I thawed some chicken and decided to make it on a day I worked from home.

Here is the recipe.


This comes from Cafe Delights! I have adapted it slightly to the ingredients I had on hand and my taste preferences.

  • 3 tablespoons olive oil
  • 100ml (just over ⅓ cup)  lime juice
  • 2 tablespoons coriander
  • 2 cloves garlic, crushed
  • 1 teaspoon brown sugar
  • ¾ teaspoon red pepper flakes
  • ½ teaspoon ground cumin
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 4 chicken thigh fillets, skin removed
  • ½ red bell pepper, deseeded and sliced
  • ½ an onion, sliced
  • 5 cups lettuce, washed and dried
  • Extra coriander leaves to garnish
  • Sour cream (optional) to serve
  • Shredded cheese
  1. Whisk marinade ingredients together to combine. Pour half the marinade into a shallow dish to marinade the chicken fillets for two hours if time allows. Refrigerate the reserved untouched marinade to use as a dressing.
  2. Heat about one teaspoon of oil in a grill pan or skillet over medium-high heat and add strips of cut chicken. Once chicken is cooked, set aside and allow to rest.
  3. Wipe pan over with paper towel; drizzle with another teaspoon of oil and grill/fry pepper and onion strips until cooked to your liking.
  4. Prepare salad with leaves, pepper and onion strips and chicken. Add small amount of shredded cheese and sour cream.

As I was cooking this, my husband was remarking that it smelled really great. And it did. The lime isn’t something that we cook with often and the citrus-y aroma was so delightful. It was so full of flavor too. 

This was one of the times that I really missed my grill pan. We had to pitch it several months ago because the non-stick coating was starting to come off. I need a stainless steel grill pan! The veggies could have been a little more char grilled, but it was still totally awesome!