Enhancing our curb appeal with PlantScapesInc.com
Posted on: May 29, 2017

Our yard is an extension of our home. Especially this time of year. Our backyard becomes our second living room and our patio (with the grill) is like having a second kitchen. In fact, I’m typing this blog from my backyard office, or from the patio table under the awning. We like to keep our yard looking nice to make it appealing for us and our friends. I got a plant from PlantScapesInc.com for review purposes and here is how it factored into our outside decor.

Now that our perennials are situated around the yard, I’ve focused my attention on the entry way of our home. For several years, I’ve wanted a plant or topiary to flank the front door. I figured I would use some solar LED twinkle lights to light it up and I could even decorate it throughout the year. I was thinking something like this.

Our house isn’t magazine-worth or anything and our porch isn’t huge. I just wanted one. Two would have been amazing. PlantScapesInc.com offered me a plant of my liking up to an $80 value so I selected the Cedar Topiary Cone and just hoped the 32-inch tall plant would make a bit of an interest piece on my porch.

I know it’s an indoor plant, but it doesn’t rain too much here in the summer and I figured it would be okay for the summer use on the porch. Want to see more of what PlantScapesInc.com has? Check out the Interior Plant Design website.

The package arrive a few weeks after I place my order. It was a super thin box and the plant was well secured.

The plant from PlantScapesInc.com was well secured and boxed up. I followed the directions for opening it but it lost a few of the fake leaves on the way out of the box.

I opened the box according to the directions, but it still lost of few of the fake leaves on the way out, exposing the styrofoam center. While disappointing, I figured I would just spin it around. Once I got it out of the package, I realized it’s probably not exactly what I was hoping for. The plant might be 32-inches tall, but it includes a pot that is really about 1/3 of the size. The plant itself was pretty tiny. And not quite as thick as I had envision either.

There is really no chance that this plant is going to hold lights or┬ámake a dent in my decor ideas for my porch. But it is pretty. The plant is actually designed for inside use and it is so realistic looking for the moss, trunk and plant. The pot is also neutral in color and will look great with all decor, just not on my porch. It’s going inside on a large shelf in my living room…think mantel without the fireplace.

The size in these pictures is deceiving. Here is what it looked like on my porch.

It’s really just way too small.

It’s out there for now, but I’ll be coming up with a new shelf layout for my living room soon and I plan to incorporate this plant so that at least it gets some use.


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