My first attempt at creating a Pocket Letter

I came across Pocket Letters while Pinteresting for some National Letter Writing Month ideas. Pinteresting. Is that a word? It should be. There, I said it. Make it so. Anyway, I was looking for letters when I came across Pocket Letters. I was curious so I dug into a few websites. The description was a […]

Zeppa Studios offers unique note cards for pet lovers

Two of my children have unique names. They will never find personalized items available from a random souvenir shop. Everything with their name on it will need to be special ordered. It’s like that with our dog too. A Newfoundland isn’t a common breed. If we want something that resembles our dog, we have to […]

Writing letters is good for relationships

A friend recently sent me the following excerpt from something she was reading: First of all, I’m a writer. I always have been. Ask my parents. I’ve written short stories, essays, news stories, feature articles and even opinion pieces. I used to make my own newspapers, write letters to all of my friends and spend […]

A Beautiful Mess offers Happy Mail subscription box

It’s National Letter Writing Month and I’ve yet to send out letters! In my defense, we took an impromptu spring break trip and I was tied up with that. I intend to make up for it this weekend and I plan to start with some of the products from A Beautiful Mess. I’m not sure […]

National Letter Writing Month starts now!

Two years ago, we were in South Carolina and I was scrolling through Pinterest. Some pin, some picture, something caught my eye. National Letter Writing Month? What the heck was that I don’t care I want in! I love writing letters. I love getting letters. I love reading letters. To me, they are the most […]

National Letter Writing Month: The Circle Journal

When I was about 25 years old, my best friend packed up her life and moved to Arizona. I wasn’t happy about it. We saw each other regularly. We texted constantly. We emailed often. And now she was moving across the country and likely, I wouldn’t see her for years. I needed to feel like […]

National Letter Writing Month: Stocking up on Tools

National Letter Writing Month starts FRIDAY! I can’t wait. Besides making sure I’m loaded up on stamps for my 30 letters in 30 days, I’m also stocking up on letter writing tools to make those letters awesome. I recently received a writing kit from the Write_On Campaign and it was loaded with awesome goodies to […]

National Letter Writing Month: A Million Thanks

I am Facebook friends with a girl from high school who is married to an active military serviceman. He recently returned from the Middle East after about a year there. In that year, his kids grew several inches, moved to another grade, won soccer games, performed in band and choir concerts, got sick and dealt […]

National Letter Writing Month: Writing Prompts

Are you looking for some inspiration for completing 30 letters in April? Well, you’ve come to the write, er, right place. I’ve been compiling a list of ideas for a while now. I hope you are able to find some of them useful.¬†Feel free to use all, some or none of these letter writing prompts […]

The lettermate helps keep text straight when addressing envelopes.

National Letter Writing Month: Review of the Lettermate

One of my favorite things to do is get the mail. The hope that something in that box is more than a bill or junk mail. I used to get the mail every day. No matter what, even when I was home on maternity leave, I would make time to walk to the end to […]